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release date
1 Apr 2018

V2 – MC

  • A1 Sinking Sand
  • A2 Style (Taylor Swift - Cover)
  • A3 Warm Machine (Bush - Cover)
  • A4 It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys - Cover)
  • A5 The Sign (Ace Of Base - Cover)
  • B1 Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (Fury In The Slaoughterhose - Cover)
  • B2 Lambada (Kaoma - Cover)
  • B3 Lion And The Lamb (TV Smith - Cover)
  • B4 All Toghether Now (The Farm - Cover)

The mastering of this MC different from the CD (and same as the vinyl) it has the better sound quality than the cd (24 bit, 96k Hz) "Every Generation..", "Lambada" and "All togheter Now" are shorter.


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